College: Day 5

September 21, 2006

College has been great. There are so many things to do that I’ve been able to keep busy which is what I like to be. Let me tell you what I’ve been doing the past 4 days.

My family’s (minus brother) scheduled time to leave was at 12:30 but we left at 2:45PM. We arrived in Irvine at 9:30PM after hitting L.A. traffic. Not too much happened today. We stayed at Crowne Plaza, which wasn’t too bad. There was a convention for salespeople; I was surprised they didn’t try to sell me anything like life insurance or something.


I moved in at about 10:30 AM and it took the whole day. The parking lot was swarming with people like ants on a piece of Starburst. As soon as I stepped out of my car my eyes were greeted by the sight of piles of luggage and my ears barraged from the strained voices of overzealous, frantic, and jubilant parents. The current of excitement in the air was exploding; you couldn’t help but feel good. The fun part was standing and looking around at everything. The not so fun part was carrying numerous heavy things as sweat rolled clingingly down your skin.
After moving all of my initial things, my parents and I went around to Target, Costco, OfficeMax etc. to buy miscellaneous things. I slept at the hotel after eatting a nice piece of seasoned steak flowing with untamed juices and mashed potatoes with herb seasoning melted in it. Yum.


My parents got into a fight, or at least the worst of all the fights that they’d had during our trip down. I spent at least 2 hours relaying messages back and forth between them until finally they calmed down enough to forgive each other. At 2PMish, it was time for them to leave so I walked them down to the car in the parking lot. Right after they drove out and away out of sight, I sadly walked back to my room…truely on my own for the first day of my life. The occassion was momentous and earmarked with a phone call not 5 minutes later from who of all people but my mom. I was sad and she was crying. =[. I didn’t feel social, so I went over to help Howard move into his dorm room later in the afternoon. I let him organize his stuff, so I went over to Katie’s apartment at around 4. I met her chill roommates: killer Jane and TV addicted JoAnn then went back to Mesa around 6 PM. I arrived back at my hall too late to eat dinner with my dormmates, but I met two girls, Sophie and Esther, who were also too late. Haha we were so confused by the silence. Anyway, the three of us ate together and they were awesome.

Later that night, I met two other girls named Stephanie and Jessica, Stephanie is really playful and witty while Jessica is very reserved and kind. I make them sound like furry animals don’t I?


On my first day alone, I woke up from a crazy wild dream which I can’t remember to find myself surrounded by unfamiliar walls. It was too much. Imagine shooting a little big-eyed rabbit with a elephant tranquilizer gun, hitting it a few times with a stick, then throwing it onto the roof of a building with no way down. The way the rabbit reacts after waking up, is very close to how I reacted when I woke up today.


I went on a campus tour with my RA, Anuj. He’s a tight guy. Tall Indian, plays soccer, and a Bio major.
Chilled until hall picture. A really pretty girl named CATHARINE stood next to me for the picture. We made up a pose together and met formally afterwards. Too bad she’s not single! 😉
Ate lunch with Stephanie and Jessica at Pippin’s Commons in Middle Earth. The food tasted a lot better.
Ate dinner with Jennifer Ngo, Cathy So, but met up with Jimmy Lee and Paul G. at Pippin’s Commons.
Corona Del Mar beach with FYEP. 70+ people. Fun. It was even better because Catharine wanted to hold my hand. You sly girl you! I blushed heartily.


Ate lunch with Anuj, Jessica ?., Joshua, Tina and someone else who I can’t remember ATM. Sorry!
Went to the bookstore with Esther and Sophie. Saw Chris Lee (KFBC) and Roshni on the way. On the way back, I saw Chris Lee again! I haven’t seen that fool in so many years. I found out Timmy Kwon and Joo also go here!
Ate dinner at Mesa Commons with Jessica, Stephanie and Angelo.
Threw around with Angelo. Met up with Joshua and we shot some hoops.
Went to the ARC at around 9 PM with Kevin and Tina in Kevin’s Toyota Celica.
Came back, left my keys in Kevin’s glove compartment. Kicked it with Kevin Hyunh and Carolyn Wang. She’s cute 😉


Woke up at 10:20 AM. Went swimming with Jennifer Ngo, did maybe half a mile =[. I suck. Waited for her “brief” shower which was only, honestly, 25 minutes. Ate at Brandywine Commons, saw Kevin Piercy. Saw Howard and his roommate Kevin Fok, so we ate with them. I left, splitting up from Howard, Jennifer, and Kevin. Found out my keys were still in Jennifer’s purse…after dancing around campus I got them back. Then I went with Erich Pretzel and Nicholas Gannon to Newport to kick it in a homely little coffee shop. Drove around, got lost. After we came back, ate dinner with Catherine, Sophie, and Esther. Then went to the Edge of Newsong with Catherine, Sophie, Esther and Tiffany in Andrew Yip’s car (Lynbrook class of ’04, he’s tight). Naturally, Catherine wanted to sit next to me 😉 . Met this chick named Mary who looks just like the younger version of one of my mom’s friends. She’s great; so playful. Saw many people I knew. I saw Chris Lee and


Went  to the Edge for a BBQ.  I was starving, so I had to kill some people to make the line shorter and to get closer to the food. It wasn’t pretty. Afterwards, went to this girl’s apartment to chill. There were at least 25 people there! I have a picture of all of the shoes outside the door. It was so crazy. I met this hilarious guy named Kesther, one of Dan Tung’s roommates. Dan: “What’s that noise?” Kesther: “Cancer.” Dan: “Uh…” Kesther: “OK it’s jsut you making an annoying noise and I just wanted to say something other than the usual that would be funny.” Dan: “You can only believe the 2nd sentence that Kesther says.”


Read first few pages of my econ book for a about 2 hours. Then, went to eat lunch with my suite guys. I met a guy named Tyler, he was cool. After lunch we went back to our rooms, and already found that he had added my as a friend on Facebook. WHat a crazy networking site. Anyway, I studied some more econ, did 4 homework assignments on for econ, took a 2 hour nap, woke up, went out to eat pho with Andrew Yip, Tim Jou, Richard (MV ’04), and Justin Lin (MV ’04). Then we kicked it at Justin’s apartment, watching T.V. for about an hour and just talking about how old women should not wear revealing clothing during World Poker Tournaments, or even just in general. Afterwards, Tim, Andrew and I went to go see a Gridiron with about 7 other people. It was a pretty good movie. Good character development, and I almost cried a few times. Plus, it was about football and it made me want to jump up and play tackle. When they dropped me off, I went to my room, changed, and did sprints all over the school. Just running, and seeing how far I could run, made me lose all motivation the movie had previously instilled in me hahaha. While running, I heard someone call out my name and it was Bora. He was with Mike Chen, Jimmy Lee, and Paul G. and he was telling a story about how he ran naked from the foam party on Friday back to his dorm. He is really enjoying college! Anyway, the heat in my blood was gone, so I jogged back to Ondas and hit the showers.


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