AIM Conversations

August 12, 2006

Jonathan Soong, class of ’05. This story is true. Probably.
Pr1nce: So how did you get a job at Nasa?
mister j: i got on my knees and begged
mister: and i got lucky cause the old janitor just got fired

Eric and I were hanging out playing poker for push-ups. I try to imitate Matt Damon in his poker movie. I get owned. Eric has fun being sadistic.
Eckg: and you owe me 280 push ups
Not 280 man, 260
Pr1nce: And I did 60 at home
Pr1nce: I can’t even do 30 real push-ups
Eckg: hahaha, well sorry man this is going to be a tough one for you as i laugh my a$$ off
dude, next time i see you
Pr1nce: Wait, so are you saying that my 60 at home don’t count?
Pr1nce: You know I wouldn’t lie to you
Eckg: heck no
no way amigo
Eckg: thats completely unauthorized
just do it in sets of 20
Pr1nce: You’ll let me do that? I thought it had to be in sets of 30
Eckg: yeah, but its all good
Pr1nceCharming77: Gee, thanks you’re a real pal
Eckg: LOL
Eckg: im going to make you do it at the beach, submerged in water
I spoke too soon
Pr1nce: I’m going to drown…
Pr1nce: My arms will be too tired to lift my face out of the water for oxygen
Eckg: hahaha
Eckg: its okay i’ll pull you out whenever i think your dying

Kevin Cho loves me.

Pr1nceCharming77: What happens if I lost my AP testing receipt…?
oswald1288: i think it should be alright
Pr1nceCharming77: You know what to say to make me feel beter
oswald1288: mmm you’re a very good looking boy?
Pr1nceCharming77: Haha yes very good

I drive to Berkeley one night, and this is the first guy I call when I get there because I wanted to say hello. The following proves how great a friend he can be.
Are you going to drive down to say by to US?
Wolvekk: LOL
Wolvekk: heck no
Wolvekk: hmm i might go in 2 weeks
Wolvekk: to get a haircut or something


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