Howard Gets Owned…AGAIN!

April 25, 2006

        Can you feel it? People are talking about the next four years of their lives at the various schools they will be attending. The following are some excerpts from amusing conversations…

Today at brunch, Andrew Choe, Nikhil and I were talking about girls and college:

Me: I'm going to UC Irvine.

Andrew C.: Dude you're so lucky! All the hot girls go there! When I went to visit UCSD and I only saw 3 or 4 hot girls at MOST! The entire time! It was soooo depressing!
Nikhil (the worst flirt I've ever seen): Haha, two of those three girls will be mine.

Andrew C. (who has a girlfriend): Fine! But dibs on the last one!

Me: Yeah haha I heard a funny joke in physics.

Malik: 9 out of 10 pretty girls go to Irvine, and the 10th one goes to SD.
Howard Liu: HAHAHAHAHA was;dlfkjatsdtfwaerasdf (you know how he talks so fast when he's happy you can't understand him)
Malik: So are you going to come visit me?
Howard: Yeah! Of course.
Malik: Good, cause if you come you'll be the prettiest girl there.

Nikhil: HAHAHAHA! That was a good one! Dang, Howard got OWNED!!


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